Water saving devices for Hospitals and Clinics

High Technology Solutions

The technology currently provided by brands of recognized worldwide prestige in taps, allow a significant saving of water. The creation of new devices, tools of ecological saving, allows us to offer appropriate solutions to your company, in two options or investment levels of your choice. The first, with more initial cost, produces a more radical reduction in consumption, with a slightly slower amortization, but not more than a year. The second level, with a very low investment cost, achieves fast amortization, which does not exceed the term of a water bill, achieving a radical cut in consumption, from 50% to 80% on average, without loss of comfort on the part of the users. This second possibility is also combinable or cumulative with the first. Let’s see in detail the two options:

1) New concepts in Faucets

Timed Faucets

The emission of liters per minute is a factor of great importance, although it generally goes unnoticed. For example, a normal basin tap in a room or bathroom, delivering 15 to 20 liters per minute, which is a lot of drinking water that escapes down the drain. Normally each person uses the sink faucet for 5 to 7 minutes a day, taking into account that some residents tend to leave the tap open after using it, either due to physical problems or due to carelessness, which considerably increases water consumption, even more, if the tap remains open throughout the night.

The timed taps , use a button for activation, we have faucets with soft touch for greater or convalescent people. After a few seconds the tap closes automatically. They have a lever or side lever for mixing hot and cold water. There are also models with the mixture in the same button, and timed taps of a water for public areas where hot water is not required, of lower cost.

Savings Comparison:

Take, for example, the Presto PS ECO 3000 mixer tap ref.10534, with automatic closing at 10 seconds, only 0.33 lit. for each press, assuming 2 presses for each use, only consumes 0.66 lt. of water, a little more than 1/2 liter, delivered at a rate of 2 lit / minuteregardless of the pressure, against a normal tap, which open for 1 minute, spends 15 to 20 liters of water. Beyond this abysmal difference of consumption, in addition, it avoids that the taps remain open, earning in addition, in Hygiene when not having to touch the tap again after washing hands. These products achieve a 90% savingin the consumption of water. We offer a great variety of timed taps that can be viewed on our website at: Products – Companies – Temporized taps. We have very good prices for the sector, with significant discounts on List prices and Special Offers by quantity.

Thermostatic faucets

The best shower head is a factor to take into account, because a normal shower delivers 1050 liters per hour at a normal pressure, which means about 18 to 22 liters per minute according to the pressure of the establishment. For residencies of elderly people and clinics, we do not suggest the use of timed showers because they would cause more discomfort than comfort, but the new thermostatic taps, they represent a solution.

Two advantages of savings and comfort:

1) Automatic regulation of the temperature : The bath becomes a comfortable moment, without burns or chills, when the temperature is automatically regulated to the desired level, with a safety stop at 38ºC to avoid burns. The device regulates the water temperature precisely and quickly, avoiding waste until reaching the correct temperature. The temperature is maintained throughout the bath or shower, without variations.

2) Ecological Savings Function: The models we offer deliver a reduced flow at 10 liters per minute, half the flow delivered by a normal shower faucet. The reduced flow function can be activated or deactivated by means of a button on the opening control.

We offer a wide variety of Thermostatic Shower Faucets and Combination Shower / Bath Faucets, from the best Brands: Hansgrohe, Grohe, Ramón Soler and Tres Faucets, at prices with significant discounts for the sector. The surface models, in plain sight, are easily changed by the old shower mixer tap. We also have a wide variety of built-in thermostats, in new works or bathroom renovations with the current decorative trends. You can view the news and promotions in: Products – Companies – Thermostatic faucets, on our website.

Electronic Faucets and Timed Pedals

For the Kitchen area, we have high quality Presto mixer pedals and Electronic Faucets, both of which are recommended to avoid contagion of viruses and harmful bacteria. You can see the news in: Products – Companies – Temporized Faucets – Pedals, and Electronic Faucets, on our website.

These High Technology solutions backed by more than 100 years of history of the prestigious brands that we distribute, ensure a reduction of water and energy consumption to levels well over 50% , with a short-medium term amortization of the devices, a next and important economic benefit insured by the reduction of expenses caused by consumption bills, plus an ecological control on the use of fresh drinking water that implies a considerable reduction in the use of hot water and the heat source used, Gas, Electricity, or Solar Energy.

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