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From Anchorage, Alaska to West Palm Beach, Florida, Americans
have decided to join the global fight against AIDS by:
  1. Educating themselves;
  2. Helping us to educate others;
  3. Raising funds for the global fight against HIV/AIDS;
  4. Making sure their leaders know they care;

Educating themselves

We hope that the Apathy is Lethal campaign brings the global AIDS epidemic back into the public focus – and gets people talking again. We encourage individuals to use the information on our website and subsequent links to educate themselves about the size, scope and progress being made in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. Here are just a few of the comments we have received:

“I watched your ad and it hit home like a hammer blow.  I discussed aids and sexual diseases with my teenage son as a result…I told my son the truth how you can get aids through unprotected sex and intravenous drug use or from a blood transfusion or contact with body fluids.  We should educate our children they are our future and our legacy!  Thank you for the TV ad and it woke me up!”

“Thank you for making the public more aware of this aids epidemic.  My mother and father have lived in Africa for over 17 years and in the last two years, after retirement, have built and now run and orphanage for children who have lost their parents to AIDS.  I have also gone and worked with them so you can imagine that this problem is very dear to my heart…I am trying to increase awareness in my church and was wondering if it was possible to play your video clip as part of my upcoming presentation.  It is my hope that many will be touched and donate to the cause.”

“I am not one to see something and feel so strongly that I go looking for the persons responsible for such a commercial. I had to find your website and hopefully this will get to the appropriate persons responsible for the popular aids commercial that words cannot describe…This commercial to me is effective in many ways, not just a request for money very much needed, but brings thought to the people who are having unsafe sex and also makes people like me want to get involved in every way possible to help.”   

“I am writing to comment on the aids awareness commercial that deals with the orphans of AIDS victims. I must say that is one of the most poignant and touching clips that I have ever viewed. I think it is very effecting in communicating the important message and the artistic planning is to be highly commended. Thank you for presenting the information in such a thought provoking, creative manner.”

“A full-page ad is what got my attention...We worry about terrorism but AIDS is the most insidious terrorist.  THANK YOU for trying to get the word out!!”

“The other day I saw your commercial, with the little boy walking down the street. I have to congratulate you, the image and the music were perfect. I even cried.”

“Hello, what an impressive website. Are there any opportunities to volunteer, teach, or serve AIDS orphans in any of the countries suffering from this global problem?”

Helping us to educate others

Students from California to Massachusetts have joined the Apathy is Lethal Campaign. These students have used the campaign materials to educate other students about the AIDS epidemic, how they can protect themselves and how they can help others.

(Ferris State University, Big Rapid Michigan; University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan; University of Massachusetts, in Dartmouth, Massachusetts; Lakeland College in Mattoon, Illinois; Model UN Programs, University of Illinois in Champaign at Urbana, Illinois; University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University)

Others have posted the Apathy is Lethal campaign materials in their offices at work, small businesses in their hometowns, as well as their places of worship.

Raising funds for the global fight against HIV/AIDS

Students, organizations, religious groups, and businesses from across the U.S. have joined the Apathy is Lethal campaign's efforts to raise funds for the global fight against HIV/AIDS. 100 percent of all donations to UNF's Apathy is Lethal campaign are divided evenly between UNAIDS and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria with no administrative costs being diverted by the UN Foundation.

Chicago-area hair-salon owner Bob Lamorte donated booth space at the popular “Halsted Market Days” and raised over $6,000 for the Apathy is Lethal campaign among patrons of his salon and those attending the festival.

A woman in North Bend, Washington wrote us to say that her “10-year-old daughter heard about AIDS in Africa on public radio. She wanted to donate her allowance for people who are suffering in the world. She was afraid that her allowance, $10, was too little to help anybody, so I agree to add $100 to her money. We wish that this donation will do some help for people in the world.”

Sixth Graders at Valley View Middle School in Germantown OH raised more than $300 after listening to President Bush's State of the Union address where he announced that the cost of medication had dropped from $1200 to $300 per year. They would also like to challenge other 6 th grade classes in the nation to match their donation of $365.

Several Nashville restaurants and bars hosted an event called “Appetite for Awareness”, a fund-raising dinner on Dec. 3, where portions of the proceeds from participating restaurants was donated to the Apathy Is Lethal campaign. The Apathy Is Lethal campaign is a public awareness effort, sponsored by UNF and the Ad Council, highlighting the impact that HIV/AIDS has on children throughout the world. Participating establishments included: Chapel Bistro, Family Wash, Alley Cat Lounge, Rosepepper Cantina, Radio Café and Red Wagon Café, in East Nashville and Sunset Grill in Hillsboro Village.

The 6th graders at Collegiate School in New York took up that challenge and when one of the students studying African History came across the Apathy is Lethal website, he was “devastated,” and shared what he learned with his classmates. Together they decided to make a difference. Through a bake sale, read-a-thon, performing chores in their home, these 15 boys raised over $550.

Students from the University of Oklahoma's Vision S.T.O.C. Project raised awareness and funds through the performance of an original play called “Visions of Hope” to the OU community. Their efforts raised more than $3,184.89 for the global fight against AIDS.

High School and Elementary School students from Wayzatta, Minnesota raised more than $1,600 selling doughnuts and going door-to-door in their neighborhoods.

Members of the Amnesty International Clubs in Emmaus, Pennsylvania and Elmhurst, Illinois have raised $466 and $300 respectively for the global fight against AIDS.

The Interact Club's of Annapolis, MD and Bridgewater-Raritan, New Jersey each raised hundreds of dollars in the hopes to help build an AIDS-free world one day.

The Science Honor Society at J.H. Rose High School in Greenville, North Carolina raised a total of $314.65 through change donation at local area businesses.

The Central Jersey Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority raised $70 as part of their International Day of Service / AIDS Awareness Program.

The students at Hopewell Valley in Pennington, New Jersey raised $1,500.

Hold a Scrabble Charity Contest

Hold a Scrabble Contest at your house, local bookstore, church or school.  Teams of four, six or eight gather at different tables, each with a Scrabble board and all the letters available. Each team starts with the same opening word, and has 20 minutes to fill the board with high-scoring words. A judge sits at each table to monitor the game. Individuals pay $35 to participate. Players can sneak a peek at a dictionary for an additional $10 donation. Make extra money selling donated refreshments.
( National Scrabble Association )

Bag Groceries for Donations

Ask a local grocery store without regular baggers if kids can bag groceries for donations. Have a coffee can sitting at the end of the checkout to fill with tips from customers. Give the kids some basic bagging lessons beforehand, for example bread and eggs do not go on the bottom of grocery bags! ( The Youth Volunteer Corps, Warren, PA )

Gift Wrapping for Donations

Get in touch with a store or mall in your area and ask about setting up a gift-wrapping booth for their customers for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas or any other holidays. You can charge different amounts for different levels of wrapping. You will need to invest in boxes, tape, wrapping paper and bows. You can either accept donations, or charge a fee per gift (depending on size, etc.). Ask the store to let you make announcements advertising your booth over their intercom while you are there gift-wrapping. Make sure you have enough people on hand to staff the booth during times advertised.

Host a Dinner Party

Turn your next gathering into an “Apathy is Lethal” Donation Party. Invite your friends and family to your house and ask them to make a donation to Apathy is Lethal instead of bringing a bottle of wine or other host/hostess gift. You can generate local press by getting your neighbors to host an Apathy is Lethal Donation Party on the same night.

Hold a Plant Sale

You can buy many plants wholesale from a nursery and re-sell them for double the amount. This type of event can be held at your office, school, gym or almost anywhere else.

Movie Night

Using the cafeteria, auditorium or gym of your local school, host a Movie Night. Most schools will have the necessary audio/visual equipment to broadcast the movies. Rent a few videos from your local video store – or ask them to donate the videos – and charge a fee for people to participate. To make the event more attractive, show movies that star the same actor or actress, or show movies about the same subject, like sci-fi, action or classic. Sell donated refreshments to raise additional money.

Organize a Bake Sale

Set up a table outside a local grocery store with homemade treats. Ask friends and family to make their specialties – cookies, cakes, Rice Krispy treats – and entice incoming and outgoing grocery store customers. They won't be able to resist!

For extra sales, print out recipes on notecards and sell for an additional cost, or give to customers who purchase baked goods over a certain amount or quantity.

Hold a Car Wash

Ask a local business to donate their location for the car wash. Ask friends and family to volunteer as washers. Have plenty of volunteers on hand to allow regular breaks from the hot and tiring work of washing cars.

Remember to select a location with traffic volume, easy accessibility and high visibility. Create colorful posters to draw drivers to your car wash site. Ask a local auto shop or garage to donate the cleaning items.

Making sure their leaders know they care

Increasingly, political leaders are turning their attention to aiding the fight of the Global AIDS epidemic. Write your congressperson, your city council, your civil and religious leaders, anyone who can make a difference in your community. Get them involved in finding a solution.

Below are additional ideas:

  • Make a presentation in your class about HIV/AIDS and the campaign
  • Circulate flyers at local festivals or fairs
  • Ask a local music hall to hold a benefit concert
  • Play the “Apathy is Lethal” PSAs on your school television or radio station
  • Organize an AIDS rally on your campus
  • Coordinate a speaker series on your campus featuring local AIDS activists
  • Ask local organizations (businesses, TV/radio networks, sororities, fraternities, Girl Scouts) to adopt “Apathy is Lethal” as one of its philanthropies
  • Talk to your friends, family, co-workers or classmates about HIV/AIDS and the campaign
  • Volunteer with a local AIDS organization
  • Participate in an AIDS run, bike or walk-a-thon
  • Hold a toy or clothes drive for children affected by HIV/AIDS
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