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After only two years The Global Fund is up and running and is demonstrating its ability to effectively and efficiently make a difference on the ground in some of the most heavily HIV infected areas of the world. The Global Fund has already committed $2.1 billion to prevention, treatment and care programs for AIDS, TB and malaria in 121 countries. 99.8% of the Fund's resources actually go to programs on the ground. The Global Fund is lean, with just 70 staff - and the Secretariat is run on interest from contributions, not the contributions.

Over the next five years the Global Fund plans to provide:  Voluntary Counseling and testing for 35 million people and care of over 1 million AIDS orphans, 60 million insecticide treated mosquito bed nets to prevent malaria transmission in Africa, and 3 million people treated for TB worldwide. One example of the effective impact of the Global Fund is Haiti, with which CCC is familiar. A Global Fund grant of $24 million is helping drive an increased and more effective response to the AIDS pandemic in that country, which has the worst epidemic in the western hemisphere.

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