He swam 92 kilometers for 20 hours to help women with AIDS

11This Sunday, the Spanish Christian Jongeneel has become the first non-American swimmer to manage to give two uninterrupted laps to the island of Manhattan.

After 20 hours of swimming and resisting without a neoprene suit a temperature of around 18 degrees, the Málaga sportsman traveled the 92 kilometers of route for a solidarity cause.


11© Provided by THX Media SA The tour was accompanied by two kayaks, for your safety (Courtesy Europa Press)

The objective was to raise funds for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (FVF) and to allocate them  to the Nutrition Program for women with HIV / AIDS,  which aims to contribute to improving the risk situation of women in rural areas of Anantapur, India. The money was collected through the site  Migranodearena.

The challenge of nothing around the island of Manhattan had already been achieved by  Stacy Chattan (1984), Juline Ridge (1983) and Skip Storch (2007) , all Americans.

This feat is not the first for Jongeneel , who has already faced the crossings in the  Strait of Gibraltar , the English Channel , the Cook Strait (New Zealand), the Al Assad crossing of Syria, the Channel of Santa Catalina , The Gateway of India (Mumbai) , Peniche-Islas Berlengas (Portugal) and the Menorca Channel, among others. Visit here seakayakermag.com for more information.

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