Can laser hair removal spread to venereal infection?

Venereal diseases or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are always a taboo subject. It should be known that these diseases are a contraindication for laser hair removal especially the recess and the perineal area, anus, buttocks, groin and lower abdomen. Laser hair removal should be performed only by health professionals to avoid complications by phototherapy, but one of the most important points is that it can not happen, as we have seen in several cases, that a patient receives laser treatment by professional staff Poorly trained, or by non-professional personnel, such as cosmetologists, or students of nursing or kinesiology, and who has not made the diagnosis of an STD. This is a gravisimo error, for several medicolegal reasons, but the most important is not to make a diagnosis in time, So that the patient or patient receives an adequate study and treatment, in addition to the possibility of avoiding infection by the patient who is a carrier. A serious example is the case of the papilloma virus and condylomas, which are warts-like lesions, and whose exposure to the laser or ipl predisposes the smoke from the epilation to the person who performs the laser hair removal melbourne or with IPL.

At this point it is important to keep in mind that when you go to a depilation center attended by professionals, you make sure that the hygiene measures required by SEREMI with international agencies, which regulate the use of photoepilation, are taken to avoid Contagious diseases. Health personnel attending laser depilation centers or IPL technique should wear gloves, face masks, And goggles for protection not only of the laser light but also for protection against these diseases.

Some of the venereal diseases are: 1) Sifilis.
2) Condilomas for Papilloma Virus.
3) HIV (AIDS).
4) Molluscum contagiosum (Poxvirus).
6) Gonorrhea.
7) Ptirus pubis.

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