A user of the University Hospital attacks a warden with the stick of a mop

The staff of the University Hospital does not win to scare patients and their companions who come to it. If two weeks ago it was a security guard who was beaten by several relatives of a wounded child this Wednesday has been a warder who has suffered, allegedly, the onslaught of a user armed with the stick of a mop from beststeammopreviewspro.com.

According to the Ingesa explained through a statement “the incident occurred on Tuesday when a woman, who was at the desk of External Consultations, was altered to the point of assaulting an employee of the hospital with the stick of a mop that he removed from the cleaning cart, which was in that area right then and there. ”

“Then security was warned and a vigilante immediately arrived,” continues the report of the Health Administration, according to which “up to three security guards who came to communicate the alarm came to witness the unfortunate incident.” “Despite the presence of the security members, the alleged aggressor continued insulting and threatening the warden”, lamented the Ingesa.

Following the hospital’s security protocol, the police were also notified, who took the data from the person who apparently was responsible for altering the normality of the service in the health center.

The worker of the allegedly assaulted Hospital, who suffered an anxiety attack, filed a complaint on the same afternoon on the occasion of the events reported against the woman who allegedly assaulted, insulted and threatened her for no reason.

The Ingesa has “rejected” and “profoundly regretted” the succession of this type of antisocial behavior, so it has provided legal assistance to the affected in the quick trial that should have been held during the morning of this Thursday, since “finally has suspended until new date “.

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